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First day drop off note
While our first choice, doing what we know works best for most students, is for parents to have a "regular" drop off - either by bus or by driving through the car line, Winkelman has traditionally allowed parents in on the first day of school. If you choose to follow this tradition, please park and walk your child in through our front door. Our doors open at 7:55. On our first day, you may spend time with your child if you choose until 8:10. Kindergarten families-Wednesday is your one hour appointment. Your first official day is Thursday. Kindergarten parents-you may follow this procedure then.
Common Core Math at Winkelman School - click here for more information.
Winkelman School Homework Statement
Homework guidelines are developed by the Winkelman staff for students in grades one through five. Please check with your child's teacher for detailed expectations. Generally a student can expect to have about 10 minutes of homework for each grade level number (for instance, 20 minutes in 2nd grade).
"Returning to School for Forgotten Items" Statement
Please help our students take responsibility for forgotten items. We cannot allow students back into the building without a staff escort after 3:00. Given our limited availability though due to meetings and other obligations, please understand we are not always to help with this. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Pick-Up & Drop Off Reminders
The safety of our students is a top priority! We ask for your cooperation during student pick-up and drop off times. We ask that parents move along the car line as directed by the staff on duty. Please do not leave your car while in line. Your child will enter your car from the curb side. After school, no students are permitted to leave the car line area without the adult picking them up to supervise them. Please see detailed carpool directions by clicking here: Winkelman Carpool