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Winkelman School Homework Statement
Homework guidelines are developed by the Winkelman staff for students in grades one through five. Please check with your child's teacher for detailed expectations.
"Returning to School for Forgotten Items" Statement
Parents, we ask for your cooperation with the following: We have had an increase in the number of students returning to school, sometimes one hour after dismissal, to pick up forgotten books, homework assignments, etc. that they needed for that evening. Students have returned to school and have entered classrooms while teachers are meeting or working. We have also experienced situations where students are entering classrooms with no teacher present. This situation poses a safety concern and also an issue of responsibility on the part of our students. We want our students to learn personal responsibility in terms of gathering and organizing the materials they need to take home at the end of each school day. We ask that you do not return to school for forgotten items. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Pick-Up & Drop Off Reminders
The safety of our students is a top priority! We ask for your cooperation during student pick-up and drop off times.
AM Drop Off - The southeast school entrance for car drop off opens at 8:00 AM. School staff will be on duty to direct car flow. We ask that parents move along the car line as directed by the staff on duty. Cars cannot individually stop in front of the doors to let students out. Cars must continue to proceed along the curb to the point directed by staff. This ensures a safe and time efficient drop off procedure.
PM Pick Up - Parents are asked to use care and caution at all times. Approximately 300 students are dismissed into the car pick up area at one time. Parents may park their cars in the parking lot and pick up their child(ren) from their grade level car line. NO STUDENTS ARE PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE SUPERVISED CAR AREA UNLESS ESCORTED BY THE ADULT PICKING THEM UP. Students may not leave their grade level car line to meet parents in the parking lot. Once parents have picked up their students we ask that you supervise them while proceeding to the parking lot. There are many cars pulling in and out during this busy dismissal time.
Staff members are on duty to monitor each grade level during PM car dismissal and to also signal cars to continue proceeding through the car line. We ask that parents do not leave their cars while in the car line. Your student will enter your car from the curb side.
Thank you for your assistance and cooperation to ensure the safety of our students!