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Field Middle School is proud to present

                                                                                         April. 11 at 7pm and April. 12 at 3pm 
                                       Dress Rehearsal: April 10 (5th grade performance) 9:00am - 10:30am 
                                                        April. 11 - Advisory musical snippets 8:50am - 9:10am 
Questions?  Please contact Lisa Backstrom, Producer; Case Carvell, Musical Director; or Paula Delehanty, Art Director 
Auditions are the first week in December.  Practices begin in January.  All students who tryout will receive a role in the school musical.  Students will be charged at $100 participation fee, as well as purchase the script and T-shirt.*
Students are expected to commit to the musical when they try out.  Students and parents will sign an extracurricular participation agreement when practices begin.  There are scholarships and fee subsidies available for students in our free and reduced lunch program, as well as a limited number of additional scholarships for families who demonstrate need.  Please contact Ms. Murphy or Mrs. Backstrom with any questions.
Extracurricular Expectations 
  • It is expected that your son/daughter will attend all set tryout dates with the exception of any excused absences recognized by District 31.  Even though an absence might be excused, it may still impact the director's  decision about which role they will be awarded.
  • It is expected that your son/daughter will attend all practices with the exception of any excused absences recognized by District 31.  Being a member of another athletic team does not excuse you from your obligations to your Field Middle School cast members.
  • If your child has a prior or upcoming commitment to either a school/outside activity that will conflict with tryouts or performances, then they will have to choose ahead of time which activity they will participate in.  They will not be allowed to discontinue one Field activity already in progress in order to join another one.
  • It is expected that your son/daughter represent Field Middle School and their interscholastic program both academically and behaviorally.  There will be weekly eligibility sheets monitoring participants throughout a given season.  Parents will be appraised of situations that may impact participation in the musical.
  • If your son/daughter is already committed to another interscholastic sport that will conflict with rehearsals or practices, you WILL NOT be eligible to audition for the spring musical.