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3131 Techny Road | Northbrook, IL 60062 | 847-272-6880
District 31 benefits from a high level of parental support and involvement through the Parent Teacher Club organization. The Parent Teacher Club sponsors programs to raise money for the schools, for example, funding for wall mounted projectors and document cameras to expand the use of technology in District 31 classrooms. 
Parents volunteer in the classrooms and provide a range of supplemental activities including cultural arts assemblies, author-in-residence presentations, the Parent Publishing Center, an art appreciation program, the Wildcat Times Student Newspaper, holiday parties, teacher appreciation activities, graduation celebrations and much more.
To join the PTC, please fill out this form and submit it with your membership fee to Terah Bozarth.
Contact Information: PTC voice mail: 847-868-2472
If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email Karina Gitlevich, PTC President at
  • Welcome back!  The PTC has been working on a number of different events and activities for this school year.  If you are interested in being part of a committee or just want more information, please contact Karina Gitlevich at  
  •  The first PTC General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 20 at Field School at 6:30pm.  Please join us to learn more about the PTC and to hear updates from representatives from both schools and Dr. Alexandra Nicholson.  You can find an agenda here.

  • Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, August 27th for the PTC Back to School Picnic and congratulations to the raffle winners!
            Mommy/Son Bowling:  Shelly Labuda & Lisa Ryno
            Book Fair:  Christina Hoffman & Angie Zarzuela  
            Daddy/Daughter Dance:  Karyn Tefka & Meredith Estes  
            Bingo Night:  Seema Patel & Alba Ramones  
            Undernighter: Nisha Gandhi & Victoria Kolanko  
            Taste of District 31: Alexandra Ratokovsky & Rekha Sukhelecha


8/18 Winkelman School Supply p/u 5-7pm includes spirit wear and label daddy

8/19 Winkelman School Supply p/u 10am -12pm includes spirit wear and label daddy

8/22 Welcome back Staff Luncheon
Field School Supply p/u and spaghetti dinner 5:30-7:30pm includes spirit wear and label daddy

8/27 Winkelman Family Picnic w/Ice Cream Truck and Hot Dog Truck


9/21 PTC General Meeting 6:30pm at Field

9/28 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots ~ Dates subject to change


10/6 PTC General Meeting 1:15pm at Winkelman

10/14 Fall/Holiday Catalogue Kick Off

10/19 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots ~ Dates subject to change
10/21 Mummy Son Bowling


11/14-11/21 Book Fair (11/14 Book Fair and Conferences, 11/17 Book Fair in the daytime only, 11/21 Conferences and Book Fair)
11/16 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots ~ Dates subject to change

11/18 Pizza/Ice-cream and Art Exhibit Night with Book Fair


12/2 Daddy Daughter Dance

12/15 and 12/16 Holiday Gift Shop


1/17-1/20    2017 Super Bowl Pizza Fundraiser

1/20 Bingo Night/ promote Super Bowl Pizza Fundraiser and Undernighters
1/25 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots Dates subject to change
1/26 PTC General Meeting 6:30pm @ Field
1/30 -2/1 Super Bowl Pizza delivery


2/22 Field/Winkelman Dippin Dots ~ Dates subject to change

2/24 Family Night  (Imagination Live Concert) at Field


3/3 Undernighter for grades K-2

3/7 Kick Off Winkelman’s Art To Remember (Due by 3/20)
3/10 Undernighter for grades 3-5
3/16 Winkelman’s Science Fair for grades 4 & 5 only
3/23 Restaurant Fundraiser (time, place TBD)


4/19 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots Dates subject to change

4/21 Taste of District 31@ Winkelman


5/1 Start Selling Label Daddy Fundraiser

5/12 General PTC Meeting & Annual Appreciation Tea 1:15pm @ Winkelman

5/24 Field/ Winkelman Dippin Dots Dates subject to change
5/24 Recruitment meeting for 2017-2018


6/26 Restaurant Fundraiser (time, place TBD) 

PTC Executive Board for 2016 - 2017
PRESIDENT                                                 KARINA GITLEVICH   
VICE PRESIDENT                                        MELISSA VALENTINAS
VP SCHOOL ACTIVITIES                             TERAH BOZARTH       
                                                                   NISHA GANDHI           
VP COMMUNITY RESOURCES                     CHAM CHOI              
                                                                    ALBA BONILLA          
VP SCHOOL FUNDRAISING                         NANCY HAMMER        
                                                                   ANUJA PATEL            
TREASURER                                               MOON KANESHIRO   
                                                                   SAKINA KADAKIA     
SECRETARY                                               MELISSA HOLLENBERG