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3131 Techny Road | Northbrook, IL 60062 | 847-272-6880
Our Mission

The District 31 Education Foundation’s mission is to fund initiatives that will equip our district with the best in class educational environment, with a particular focus on supporting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in the classroom.  The world and job market of the future will be focused in these areas and the Foundation is committed to supporting the preparation of our children to compete in the new world.

Education Foundation Board

The Team

Executive Team (Terms 2015-2017)

President: Laura Greenberg

President Elect: Michael Valentinas

Vice Co-Presidents: Lana Razumov/Heather Abels

Treasurer: Foster Elliott

Secretary: Claudia Welke

Community VP (Liason to PTC/BOE): Daphne Frank

VP Communications: Laurie Parfitt


Board Members:

Maria Elena Powell, Harvind Singh, Asha Vyas, Ben Kim, Carlos Soriano, Pete Glowacki, Cham Choi, Tami Hammersley, Bob Hammer, Vicki Dominguez, Katie Werthman, Meredith Estes, Christina Hoffman, Mindy Dapin, Karyn Tefka, Eun Hee Kim, Hilary Malina, Ami Behara, and Nikki Fosco.

Administrators/Teacher Members:  Alexandra Nicholson (Superintendent, D31), Michael Kahn (Principal, Winkelman), Erin Murphy (Principal, Field), Cathy Lauria (Director of Business Services, D31), Carrie De La Cruz (Director of Curriculum), Katie Lauder (Field Teacher), Demetria Dimopoulos (4th grade teacher).

How do I join?

If you would like to join, the Foundation has meetings the first Tuesday of every month (unless a holiday or school activity conflicts) at 7:30 in the District Conference Room at Field School.  There is always a call in number for those that need to attend remotely.  Non-Board members are allowed to attend up to two meetings as they consider joining.  To learn more, contact Laura Greenberg at or Michael Valentinas at