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the "Advancing Classroom Technology: ACT Now!" Campaign!

The world is rapidly changing and our children are growing up surrounded by technology. The world and job market of the future are digital. In response to the changing face of how we work and live, and in order to prepare our children to compete in the new world, the State Educational Technology Directors Association has called on all schools in the country to go digital within 5 years. Schools in the surrounding areas and across the country are implementing one-to-one technology initiatives in line with these goals.

Technology initiatives have been shown to promote 21st century learning skills. Studies and use cases have shown that technology in the classroom can:
• Increase creativity and innovation

• Enhance communication and collaboration
• Strengthen critical thinking and problem solving
• Provide immediate access to information
• Prepare students for digital citizenship
• Improve test scores

The District 31 Education Foundation, in partnership with the PTC, is happy to announce an exciting new campaign called "Advancing Classroom Technology: ACT Now!". The campaign seeks to raise $750,000 over the next three years to put technology into the hands of every single student in District 31 and make our district a leading example of technologically- enabled primary and middle school education.

Funding for the campaign will come from multiple sources: events for families and local community, corporate sponsorships, private and government grants, as well as gifts from major individual donors. The proposed campaign will fund technology that will allow our students and district to:

• Learn 24x7: Every child will have access to digital learning tools at school and will extend that learning and access into the home setting.
• Encourage collaboration: The technology will enable Flip classrooms which allow students to listen to lectures in the evening or real time if they are out sick, or want to review material, or work collaboratively on homework and other projects in class.
• Be an employer of choice: We will attract and retain tech savvy teachers by allowing our teachers to use and create digital curricular content, use eBooks, and learn and implement best practices for the use of technology in the classroom.
• Enjoy up-to-date materials: Digital material allows for richer content through videos, simulations, interactive lessons, online assessments, instant feedback, and links to additional information.
• Increase flexibility in learning: Digital content can be edited to meet individual student needs, providing rich and real time flexibility as children's knowledge and skills grow.
 Increase learning in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields: Students can conduct video conferences with experts in various fields to learn about the sciences, talk to authors, and question government officials.
 Use technology to engage and excite the learning process: Children will be able to use multimedia labs to publish a movie or podcast to demonstrate knowledge and share with others, among many other uses.
• Become global citizens: Children will be able to conduct ePal Global projects to learn about other students and cultures from around the world and collaborate through online projects.

These are just some examples of the meaningful, content rich, problem-based learning and 21st century tools this exciting campaign will provide our children.