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Dear Parents/Guardians,

District 31 has designed a formal student assessment system that supplies us with data regarding each child’s academic progress as well as data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of instructional programs.  Data collection allows for an objective perspective for making  educational decisions. Data driven decision making is not only a state and federal requirement, it is the key to effective school improvement and for monitoring students’ progress and needs.


The assessment program we have in District 31 is based on a triangulation system. This means that it includes three major categories - classroom assessments, local formal assessments and state mandated tests.


You will learn more about classroom assessments from your child’s teachers throughout the school year. Some may be designed by the teacher and some may be part of an adopted instructional program.


Local formal assessments include Curriculum Based Measurement, Measures of Academic Progress, and Terra Nova. State mandated tests include the PARCC and ACCESS.  This year District 31 is being required to participate in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for 4th grade students. 


By clicking on the links in the left hand column, information is available in a question/answer format, about each of the assessments noted above. It is our hope that this information will assist you in understanding what the tests are and why they are administered. Additionally, a letter of explanation will accompany each set of test results you receive. If, however, you still need assistance in understanding and interpreting the results, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or school principal.

Professionally yours,
Dr. Alexandra Nicholson
Superintendent of Schools