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Visitor Participation at Board of Education Meetings

Comments from personnel and the public are included on the agenda for each regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting as a means of allowing an opportunity for views to be expressed on issues and matters relating directly to West Northfield School District 31. Visitors wishing to address the Board will be recognized and asked to rise, state his/her name, and organization represented, if any, and briefly state his/her business. Such matters will be limited to five minutes of floor time for each visitor. All topics that come to the Board must have first been brought to the attention of the superintendent using the proper chain of command including teacher to principal to director (if appropriate) to superintendent.

Topics brought to the Board will be taken into consideration and the visitor will receive a response from appropriate District personnel as soon as possible. Topics brought to the Board in open session must be of a general nature. Personnel and/or individual students cannot be discussed in open session.

If more than five minutes are needed for a visitor to address the Board, the visitor needs to complete a Visitor's Statement Form  (click link for a copy) and submit it to the superintendent at least one week prior to the scheduled Board meeting.