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Adorable 2nd Graders!
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 Reyes' 2nd Grade Classroom,
is a

 I know we are going to have a fantastic year together! 

What We Are Learning

Welcome to Mrs. Reyes' learning wonderland!

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Students should come to school each day well rested, well fed and fully prepared to learn. Please bring a clean, reusable water bottle to school each day, along with a healthy snack.

If you ever have a question or a concern, please know that I am typically available to talk before school, during specials and after school until about 3:30 PM. I am always happy to chat with my families! :)

Our days will be filled with
lots of learning
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Reading - Lead 21
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Lead 21 is our reading program at Winkelman. Students meet with me (their teacher) for guided reading sessions, daily. While I meet with each reading group, the remainder of our class is working on the Daily 5. The Daily 5 is a literacy management system that teaches children how to read and write for uninterrupted periods of time, so that they can work thoughtfully and independently on language activities, doing so with a sense of urgency. Students are also being taught various reading strategies, through our CAFE Literacy Menu. This menu is developed throughout the year as a way to learn about specific reading strategies, to help students become thoughtful, careful and strategic readers. Students are learning how to find books that are the right match for them: not too hard and not too easy, but - Just Right Books
In order to use Tumble Books (Listening to Books Online) you will need to go to the Winkelman Page, on our District Page. You will find the Tumblebooks link there, in a blue box.  :)
Here is a link that will take you to the common core state standards:
Writing - Step Up to Writing
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During writing time, we are learning how to write for longer periods, learning how to build our writing stamina! We are learning how to: organize our ideas, use capital letters correctly, end sentences with punctuation and make sure our sentences are full of interesting, creative details. Students work on writing daily, learning how to do free writing (where they write about whatever they want), narrative writing (story writing), expository writing (factual writing) and opinion writing. 
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Students will learn math with their regular classroom teacher. Math concepts we learn are related to the Common Core State Standards.  Students will be exposed to multiple learning strategies, problem solving skills, critical thinking and practice of important basic math algorithms.
A link to the common core state standards:
Science - Force and Motion & Magnets
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We are learning all about force and motion, and science! 
Students are learning about force and motion in science lab each week, and in the classroom, they are learning about magnets. Both units are very hands on, and fun for the students to explore and learn about. Students investigate magnetism in the classroom by following an outline in their magnet journals. They are exploring various activities and observations with magnets, and then writing down their findings. As students explore what magnets can do, they are encouraged to hypothesize and question, and talk to one another to share their experiences.
Social Studies - Mexico!
Students are now learning all about Mexico! We are going to be learning all about the culture, history, geography, climate and art, as a way to learn more about this very interesting, southern neighbor of ours. Students will be learning how to read multiple texts to find out information about a specific topic of interest with Mexico. Students will also learn how to use text features in books, to get the most out of the non-fiction books we will be provided. Students will be exposed to the Mexican culture through literature, DVDs, music, pictures and websites. Viva Mexico! :)
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 In health, students area learning all about personal health habits (proper hygiene, dental health, sleep, etc.), safety (sports safety, proper sports gear, etc.), feelings, family, nutrition and medicine. This month, students will be learning all about dental health. Dr. Limperis will be making a visit to our school soon, to talk to our students about the importance of dental hygiene.
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Some topics we learn about in LifeSmarts:
following the 3 Bees at school; getting along with others; what to do when we experience conflict; CHAMPS in different academic settings; tattling vs. telling; and bullying.